License Management Site

95 Percent Group provides a License Management Site to help schools and districts manage all their 95 Percent Group product licenses, registrations, and users. This site allows authorized license administrators to view all site licenses purchased for their school.

Managing Teachers who Moved to Another School or District:  Individual licenses for teachers who are still at your school but no longer need access to the PSI, or PASI, can be deactivated from the site. Deactivating teachers and/or their product registrations frees up access for other teachers your school. The number of teachers who can be enrolled in these online products is based on the size of your school, determined by your Purchase Order. Accounts for individual teachers who left the school or district can be deactivated from the License Management Site.

Transfer Book Licenses:  95 Percent Group offers a simple way to transfer of book licenses from last year’s classroom teachers to new classroom teachers:  The new teacher simply re-registers the book on their 95 Percent Group account and agrees to deactivate the license of the former teacher when prompted. An email will be sent to the former teacher to notify him or her that a change has been made.

How to Access the License Management Site:  If you are an authorized school license administrator, follow these steps to get access the License Management site:

          1.   Log on to your 95 Percent Group account at

          2.   Click My Account on the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

          3.   Check the box next to Check here if you are an authorized License Administrator for your school and click the Update Account button.

          4.   On the My Online Resources and Products page, click the License Management button on the right side of the screen and follow the instructions.

Please note: A maximum of 3 license administrators are allowed per school. If you are a district administrator, contact us to request access to the District License Management site.

Questions or Assistance?  Contact us at