Frequently Asked Questions


Look below for answers to your frequently asked questions.

If you don’t see your issue addressed here, contact us at or call at 847-499-8200.


  • How can I retrieve my password?
    • When you’re on the Client Login page, click the Forgot Password link under the Login button?
  • I forgot my email address. How can I login?
    • Your account should be set up using your school email address. If this email address is no longer valid, contact us at
  • How do I transfer the license for one of my 95 Percent Group products to someone else?
  • I entered my email address and password, but I receive an error and the document won’t open.
    • You could be receiving this error because your login credentials are incorrect. Please note that your email address and password are case sensitive when opening documents. Or, if you have attempted to open the document on more than 2 computers, you may receive and error. Please note the error message and message number and contact us at for further troubleshooting.