During these unprecedented times, we are providing At-Home Resources.
To support our clients’ delivery of instruction using our products during this time of school closures, we have created a spectrum of Remote Learning Resources. Some are available to the general public and are intended to be widely shared. Others will only be available to our clients, because they are designed to leverage your advanced knowledge and skills.

To access the client-only Remote Learning Resources, click https://info.95percentgroup.com/at-home-client-resources. These resources are available through 6/30/2021. Please do not share this link.

To access the additional digital resources that are product-specific, locate the product in the list below. For permissions for sharing these resources, please see https://www.95percentgroup.com/limited-permissions.

For a summary of the resources available from 95 Percent Group, and the limited permissions to use them that we are granting during the COVID school closures, please refer to this helpful grid.

My Online Resources and Products


Register your product to access additional materials and resources.


If you are having difficulties accessing your products please contact us at support@95percentgroup.com, but first, see if your question has already been answered in our help center.