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Getting Started

How do I create an account?

Each person using any of 95 Percent Group's products will need to create his/her own account at our Customer Portal,, and register those products to his/her account.

View the video "How to Create An Account" below for a demonstration.

Can I share a login with another user? Can everyone at my school just use one account?

Our license terms forbid sharing login credentials. Each user that will be using products will create an account and register the products they will be using. Some products are licensed for one user, and some are licensed for multiple users. 

My home page product list is blank, but my school purchased products.

To use the customer portal and view online resources, you will need to register all products you will be using after creating your account. They are not registered automatically after a purchase.

What is a Site License Administrator?

A user who has an account set up as a Site License Administrator has the ability to manage users, products and license keys/registration codes associated with that user's school. 

View the video "What is a Site License Administrator?" for a demonstration.

What is a District Administrator?

A District Administrator has the same capabilities as a Site License Administrator except that he/she can manage users, products and license keys for all buildings in the district. 

Please note, a District Administrator's account must be created at the district level. For that reason, a District Administrator is not able to have the PASI or the PSI registered to his/her account. 

Questions? Reach out to us at

    Username and Password Issues

    How do I reset my password?

    In order to log into your account at our Customer Portal,, please use your username (your school email address) and password. If you forgot your password, you can reset it at the login page by clicking the "Forgot Your Password?" button. 

    View the video "How to Reset Your Password" below for a demonstration.

    I forgot my username. What can I do to retrieve it?

    Your username is your school email address. If your school email address changes, you will need to create a new account under the new email address and re-register any of your products to transfer them over to your new account. 

    View the video "What to Do if Your Email Address Changes" for more information.

    Registering Products

    How do I register a new product?

    All users that have any of 95 Percent Group's products will need to register each product at our Customer Portal, This will allow the users access to additional materials and resources for printed products. Without registration, these materials as well as purchased video playlists, courses and screeners cannot be accessed.

    View the video "How to Register a Product" below for a demonstration.

    Where do I find the registration code/license key?

    In order to register your products at our Customer Portal,, you will need to locate and input your product's registration code or license key. 

    View the video "How to Locate Your Product License Keys" for a demonstration.

    Can I transfer a product from someone else?

    If a user leaves the school or district, all of his or her materials can be transferred over to any new users' accounts. To transfer products to a new user, the new user will create an account at, if they don't already have one. The new user will need to have a list of the license keys belonging to those products. First, he/she will log-in to the portal. Then he/she will click the grey button labeled "Register a New Product" and enter the license key followed by clicking on "View Product Information”. A notification will display onscreen communicating the product is registered to a previous user's account. The new user will click to confirm the transfer to his/her own account and remove it from the previous account. Once confirmed, the user needs to agree to the license terms before clicking "Register My Product". The new user will do this process with every product that he/she will be using.

    View the video "How to Transfer a Product" for a demonstration.

    How many people can register a product?

    Most product licenses (Printed Products, Video Playlists, Online Courses) are single-user licenses and sharing login credentials is not permitted according to the License Agreement that the user accepts. The exception to this would be the Phonics Lesson Library™ (PLL) which allows up to 15 registered users, and the PASI and PSI diagnostic assessments which allow full building access (site license). 

    PASI and PSI Codes


    How do I register the PASI or PSI?

    The Phonological Awareness Screener for Intervention™ (PASI™) and the Phonics Screener for Intervention™ (PSI™) must be registered at our Customer Portal,, in order to access the printable materials. 

    View the video "How to Register the PASI and PSI" below for a demonstration.

    I am a Site License Administrator. How can I find my school's codes?

    The PASI and the PSI are school site licenses, meaning a single code is assigned to a specific building and all authorized users in that building can register that single code to his or her account. If your account is set up as a Site License Administrator, you can look up your building's codes to administer to users in your building.

    Please note, since the PASI and PSI are school site licenses, a user who works at the District will not be able to have access to the screener materials in his or her account. 

    View the video "What is a Site License Administrator?" for a demonstration.

    I received an error message - invalid school. What do I do?

    If you received an error message that says invalid school, please make sure the code you are using was purchased for the building in which you are located.

    If you are using the correct code, please make sure your account was created at the proper building. You can check this by logging into your account at and clicking on the tab "My Account". If you need your account updated to the correct building, please email us at


      Online Products and Resources

      Where can I locate materials?

      To begin using your product, click on your home screen to find your Online Products and Resources. Click on the product name under the Content Library column.

      Each product contains a list of folders at the bottom of the welcome page. Clicking on any of these folders will expand them, revealing downloadable and printable documents. Click on any document or file to open. 

      View the video, "How to Access Your Ancillary Materials" below for a demonstration.


      Account Changes

      What do I do if I changed schools?

      It is important to always keep your school up to date in your account. 

      Certain registration codes are tied to specific school buildings (site licenses). If you have changed schools, please reach out to to update this information for you.

      What do I do if my email address changes?

      Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to change a user’s email address because it is the username associated with your account. You will need to create a new account under the new email address and re-register any of your products to transfer them over to your new account.

      View the video, "What to Do if Your Email Address Changes" below for a demonstration.


      Technical Issues

      My videos are not playing at all.

      1. You must have internet access to view the videos in the playlists. Ensure you are connected and have a strong internet connection.
      2. Some schools control access to certain websites to protect students from harmful or distracting websites. They may need to "whitelist" or allow certain websites that promote educational goals. Contact your IT department to whitelist the following domain:
      3. Make sure you are using the most up-to-date browser

      My videos are playing but they keep freezing or pausing.

      There are several things to try to address issues that may cause freezing, choppiness, or other quality issues.

      1. Ensure you are using a strong internet connection
      2. Close unused internet tabs
      3. Uninstall third-party add-ons
      4. Clear cookies and/or your browser cache
      5. Switch to different browser

      I am having trouble using the Teaching Blending® App.

      The Interactive White Board (IWB) apps (.air files) are based on the Adobe Air platform. The IWB apps required the installation of Adobe Air run-time on a Windows or macOS device. You can find the download here: You may need to reach out to your IT department for assistance to download Adobe Air if you are using a school computer, and it is not already installed. Once you install Adobe Air on your computer, you will be able to open the .air file.


      Digital Presentations

      How do I access presentations?

      Digital presentation files can be accessed through the customer portal by first clicking on the product link on your homepage. After reaching the presentation landing page, click on the presentation you wish to access, and it will launch in a separate window with the option of resuming where you last left off. These are HTML5 presentations and require internet access. There is not currently an option of downloading to view offline.  

      I registered my PCP (or MSRC) book but can’t find the digital presentations.

      2 License Keys are needed for PCP/MSRC. One is printed on the inside front cover of your Teacher's Guide (Volume A for PCP). This code gives you access to PDF downloads. The other License Key is for access to the presentations and is emailed to the purchaser. Please register this 2nd code to gain access to presentations.

      I can’t find my PCP/ MSRC handouts; I only see the presentations.

      2 License Keys are needed for PCP/MSRC. One is printed on the inside front cover of your Teacher's Guide (Volume A for PCP). This code gives you access to PDF downloads. The other License Key is for access to the presentations. Please register the license key from your book to gain access to the additional resources.

      My presentation link shows that it is expired. What do I do?

      Our presentation subscriptions DO have an expiration date. The date was printed on your initial code email and is displayed on your account homepage of the customer portal in your list of products.  Please reach out to your Regional Sales Manager to renew your digital presentations.

      Can I use a "clicker" for my presentations? If so, what kind should I get?

      Wireless presentation remote control devices (clickers) are great tools for the classroom. 95 Percent Group does not guarantee that all wireless presentation remote controls will work with these presentations. Limiting factors include but are not limited to device compatibility, operating system, and computer type. Keyboard shortcuts may vary on different devices, operating systems, and computers.

      These HTML5 presentations will respond to any wireless presentation remote control device that can send the ANSI standard Page Up and Page Down signals. It is our experience that most devices follow this approach. Please refer to your device manufacturer for more information. You may have to update the Keyboard Shortcut settings of the clicker depending on your device.


      Action Shortcut Key – PC
      (full keyboard)
      Shortcut Key -Mac Shortcut Key – Chromebook
      Next Step
      (next animation on the slide)
      PageDown fn + down arrow alt + down arrow
      Previous Step
      (previous animation on the slide)
      PageUp fn + up arrow alt + up arrow
      Next Slide Right Arrow Right Arrow Right Arrow
      Previous Slide Left Arrow Left Arrow Left Arrow
      Student Information

      Is student information saved on the portal?

      No. The site is simply a method of accessing materials. At this point in time, student data is not collected, and the portal does not interact with a school’s teacher or student database.

      Return Policy

      What is your return policy?

      95PG’s return policy is: If you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason, you can return unused items within 30 days for a prompt refund or exchange. Refunds for items returned will be in the form of a credit redeemable on your next purchase. All product returns require prior approval. A 15% restocking fee applies for all Printed Phonics Lesson Library products and a 10% restocking fee applies to all other printed products. No returns will be accepted on opened shrink wrapped product. Damaged materials (stamped, written on, damaged from usage by client) will not be accepted. The original shipping and handling charges are not refundable. If you have an exchange for the same dollar amount as the original purchase, no additional shipping or handling charges will be incurred. Contact for authorization.

      International Policy

      Do you sell your products internationally?

      Currently, our company does not serve customers outside the United States. There are many factors to take into consideration for a company like ours when considering whether to serve international customers, including customs requirements and fees, intellectual property regulations, currency differences and financial transaction processing, as well as local regulations, laws or taxes we may or may not be subject to outside the United States. 

      Private Tutors and Parent Purchases

      Can private tutors, education services, or parents purchase product and create accounts?

      Unfortunately, our company is not currently configured to sell to or give support to organizations or users that are not official school (K-12) institutions at this time. If you have purchased product, please reach out to support for a refund. Alternatively, you can keep any purchased product but will be unable to register it or create an account on our customer portal.

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