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Getting Started

How do I create an account?

Each person using any of 95 Percent Group's products will need to create his/her own account at our Customer Portal,, and register those products to his/her account.

View the video "How to Create An Account" below for a demonstration.

What is a Site License Administrator?

A user who has an account set up as a Site License Administrator has the ability to manage users, products and license keys/registration codes associated with that user's school. 

View the video "What is a Site License Administrator?" for a demonstration.

What is a District Administrator?

A District Administrator has the same capabilities as a Site License Administrator except that he/she can manage users, products and license keys for all buildings in the district. 

Please note, a District Administrator's account must be created at the district level. For that reason, a District Administrator is not able to have the PASI or the PSI registered to his/her account. 

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